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West argues that after the fall of the Soviet Union, historians failed to sufficiently "adjust the historical record" to account for newly available Soviet files and archives.West writes on the extent of Soviet influence during the Roosevelt and Truman Presidencies. finds that West "painstakingly documents how America's government, media, academia, political and policy elites actively helped obscure the true nature of the Soviet Union." Frank T.She argues that infiltration of the American government by Stalinist agents and fellow-travelers had significantly altered Allied policies in favor of the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Csongos argues that West is right "up to a point." He notes that West rejects the standard narrative that Franklin Roosevelt, like George W.Bush, took drastic steps to "save capitalism." Unlike West, he believes that Roosevelt was merely naive when trusting Stalin. She said I have to go home Cause I'm real tired you see But I hate sleepin alone Why don't you come with me I said my baby's at home She's probably worried tonight I didn't call on the phone to Say that I'm alright Diana walked up to me She said I'm all yours tonight At that I ran to the phone Sayin baby I'm alright I said but unlock the door Because I forgot the key She said he's not coming back Because he's sleeping with me Dirty Diana, nah Dirty Diana, nah Dirty Diana, nah Dirty Diana, no Dirty Diana, nah Dirty Diana, nah Dirty Diana, nah Dirty Diana Come on! This diamond watch was a wedding present from QEII. It is featured in Leslie Field's book on p.79 but my scanner is on the fritz at the moment. After her divorce, this is the watch she wore often.

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What she is arguing instead is that Soviet agents, Communists and fellow travelers held official posts, or served at chokepoints of intelligence data, and from these positions were able to exert pro-Soviet leverage on U. Stanton Evans book that comes to the defense of Senator Joseph Mc Carthy and cites the "groundbreaking scholarship of John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr" to back up Evans' claims.

Klehr responds that Andrew Mc Carthy is mistaken about the Senator who was "correct about the larger issue of Soviet infiltration of the government [but] reckless errors and unsubstantiated charges." Klehr argues that West's reckless and sloppy research has led to "serious historical interpretive errors." West responded to Haynes and Klehr, writing: "Notice they do not claim American Betrayal makes serious historical errors.

West's book was praised by historian Amity Shlaes, author M.

Stanton Evans, Fox commentator Monica Crowley and a host of conservative blogs and websites, including Frontpage magazine, whose reviewer Mark Tapson wrote on July 8, 2014: "With her characteristic fierce passion, West argues in her new book that the Communist infiltration led to a successful 'assault on our nation's character' during the Cold War that left us the 'heirs to a false and hollow history' and 'unwitting participants' in 'a secretly subverted pageant.' In other words, perhaps we didn't win the Cold War after all. West argues that the impact of this 'deep occupation' did not simply fall away with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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