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Because I hate the notion that veganism is some sort of elitist, exclusionary club, I’m uncomfortable saying that disqualifies over 98% of women who would otherwise be potential partners. When we choose only to date vegans, we narrow our options considerably.

The most protein was the equivalent of 4oz (126g) for a 70kg - while the lowest was around 2oz (52g). Men who avoided eating all animal products, including eggs and dairy, were a third less likely than others to develop the disease, scientists found.

You see, nearly 80% of all vegans in the United States are women. So, why is it that so many of us struggle to find a like-minded mate?

There’s the obvious; vegans comprise somewhere between .5%—2% of the total population here in the United States.

Their diets fell into one of six patterns: fast food and full fat dairy, fish, red meat, chicken, low fat milk, and legumes.

Muscle mass, strength and bone density were then assessed to see if dietary patterns had an impact.

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Tough Mudder is an extreme endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12 mile-long (16–19 km) military-style obstacle courses and tests mental as well as physical strength.

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