Why did the girl attorney stop dating the boy attorney best description of yourself for dating site

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Why did the girl attorney stop dating the boy attorney

"How frustrated are you that there hasn't been an arrest in this case? To my knowledge, Tyler has not been interviewed about this case in depth at all," he said."He hasn't been interviewed by the police? Tyler Mook may not have been grilled by police, but Shelley's family, fearing his involvement in her disappearance, took him directly to court -- family court.

With Shelley gone, someone had to take care of Lilli and that was up to a judge.

Tyler Mook: …and they know there's a better chance of me leaving with Lilli, but like I told mom, they want to come arrest me with a warrant. Jim Mook: Someone is going to pay for this."Would it surprise you that his family would do anything to protect him?

" Miller asked Brittany Brooks."No, absolutely not.

"What is it about him that has so struck you in a way that you see good in him?

""I think what struck my heart the most is he has a daughter.

At a middle school in Shelbyville, an eighth grade teacher named Shelley Mook never showed up for class.

"This is not something that you ever expect to happen in your life-- to have somebody that goes missing," said best friend Brittany Brooks."What do you think happened to her?

" Miller asked Brooks."We meet him at a party one night and her and I kind of made bets to see who could end up going out with the cute guy that we don't know," she replied."So was he intrigued? She was hooked and he was hooked."After high school, Shelley and Tyler got married. " Miller asked Brooks."Absolutely," she replied."She loved him? "In the beginning, was the marriage -- was it a good one? There were some problems at home, like allegations of cheating."Everyone has their troubles, but it seemed like he genuinely loved her," said Brooks.

" Miller asked."It's really hard to say," Brooks replied. We always called it the million-dollar smile."After Shelley's divorce in 2009, they became even closer. " Miller asked Brooks."I think part me, and part her mother and her family," she replied. He was absolutely -- he was definitely more than just a bad boy."Brooks and Shelley met Mook back in high school. were like, 'Oh, you know, take a look at who just walked in.

"I mean not having found very much evidence or, I mean, there are so many possibilities." Brooks grew up with Shelley Mook. "…neither one of us had sisters and it was kind of the sisterhood."Shelley, 24, also loved her daughter, 6-year-old Lilliana. And just one person would tell police what happened in the house that afternoon. We don't know him, but we wanna know him,'" she recalled.

CENTRAL TENNESSEE -- "Back when all this happened … and in an empty farm field outside of town, a car went up in flames.

I remember hearing the story about the car being found out in the field, and that it had been burnt," Chief Larry Farley, of the Rutherford County Fire and Rescue Department, told CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. "Normally people wouldn't think it was a big deal but …This is something that we deal with quite often," Farley explained."A lot of times people will steal a car, go joy riding …

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"And by all accounts, we know Shelley was upset when she went into Tyler's residence."What exactly happened after that is a mystery.

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