Who is woody harrelson dating teen dating violence awareness week

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Who is woody harrelson dating

[Den of Geek] I am, sometimes, I’ve got to admit, a bit of a butthole this way, but I will try to make people laugh sometimes during a scene, you know. [ The two of them [Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz] are so weird because normally when you’re in famous people’s presence, the last thing you are is relaxed, but they both have this calming vibe about them.According to ..., Harrelson was seen at a bar with 20-year-old Zoe Kravitz in New York City.The actor's rep has confirmed that Harrelson was socialising with Kravitz and her friends, and described them as "cool, classy ladies".

Since the celebrated actresses had only ever texted, for a brief moment en route to their meet up, each thought the other may've actually been John the Orchestra Guy the whole time. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, and now they're dear friends.

On Christmas Eve 1998, Trump was photographed alongside both Ventura and Harrelson after the three had dined together.

Ventura had been pushing to get Trump to run for president on the Reform Party ticket during the meal, they said.

And it’s staggering to me how much she’s been able to just hold onto her basic decency and just her amazing marvelous spirit, you know, which is always nurturing other people. [ I take my hat off to her because, you know, it’s easy for someone to become an asshole when they get that much attention and you get that many people telling you you’re great. They’re just like, “Yeah, Woody’s in a crop top.” [ [At a party she and Woody] started a thing called Sanchez, which is where you snap your finger and swipe it across somebody’s face. So somebody invited his wife over, and she came in with a friend, and they were both in dresses and high heels.

And like, she’s always involved all the time with—she helps people, she does things. You know, it’s not terrible, the people telling you you’re great; what’s a terrible thing is when you start believing it. He got really hot [at a party] and wanted to borrow a shirt of mine because he wore a thermal and the only thing he could fit in was a baggy crop top. When they walked in, I was chasing Woody over a couch.

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