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Who is frank ocean dating now

In the magazine's introduction, Ocean reasons that his car obsession "links to a deep sub-conscious straight boy fantasy," before adding, "Consciously though, I don't want straight – a little bent is good."Ocean's "bent" notion of what music can be in 2016 follows a string of audacious pop and R&B albums released this year, most of which surfaced with little or no notice.

Kanye West, Beyoncé, Rihanna and Blood Orange all colored outside the lines on their latest projects, putting out works in progress, taking sonic leaps and eschewing Top 40 floor-fillers for thoughtful meditations on race, misogyny and infidelity.

In a 2012 interview with GQ, Ocean compared identifying himself as bisexual to limiting his intake of musical genres: "I'm giving you what I feel like you can feel," he said. The 300-page glossy boasts images of both nude men and women, including shots from gay art photographer Wolfgang Tillmans.

Another photo, taken by Ocean himself, shows a man putting on his underwear next to a car in a field.

It's the sound of a man breaking down, buckling under the weight of his secrets and self-deception.

He may be pushing a queer agenda, but his manifestations of it are elliptical, personal, enigmatic.

In the short interlude "Good Guy," Ocean describes a blind date with someone he met through a mutual friend.

After this new acquaintance takes him to a "gay bar," their incompatibility becomes apparent.

A sprawling and gorgeous blend of R&B, hip-hop, rock, pop and funk, the album came stocked with vivid, poetic accounts of unchecked materialism and addiction, but its showstoppers were songs that seemed to chronicle Ocean's own heartache, specifically his one-sided affection for another man.

Just days before that record's release, spurred by speculation from journalists who'd attended pre-listening events and noted his use of the masculine pronoun in certain songs, Ocean posted an open letter to his Tumblr in which he recounted falling for a male companion when he was 19.

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"It was my first love, it changed my life," he wrote, detailing how he attempted to come to grips with this revelation through his songwriting.