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A recent family vacation was punctuated by furtive Second Life meetings with his avatar girlfriend.“I dreamed up any excuse I could with my family to tell them I needed to get online for a few minutes here and there,” he says.Max went on Google and started doing some detective work. “When she took a swing, I said, ‘no, we’re not going past this point.’” The two are currently finalizing divorce proceedings.To his amazement, he learned that his wife had married her in-world boyfriend in Second Life. ’” Max ended up pulling the Internet connection out of the wall, and he says his wife started trashing the house. Although Max’s wife did end up meeting her virtual boyfriend in the real world, that often isn’t the case with virtual relationships.

“And everyone’s going to do that on occasion.” Plenty of people, though, initiate in-game romances because they’re seeking something that’s lacking in their real-life relationship. He says she refused to talk about it, and if he asked questions, she’d just hop online and freeze him out.

“What I wanted was for my husband to treat me like that guy.” Sarah and her husband split up, and have since divorced.

But Sarah credits Second Life with showing her what she wanted from a partner — attention, affection and romance.

As a result, she doesn’t go in-world that much anymore.

“I decided that I didn’t want to partition my love,” she says.

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“All the way down to a breakup.” “It’s not the sex, it’s the emotional intimacy,” says Au. getting very personal and talking about stuff that you should only be talking about with your boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever.