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Civil war prints included small pictures of cannons and flags.

The Centennial in 1876 inspired more pictorial prints on patriotic themes.

Latter Nineteenth Century Synthetic dye was discovered by accident by a scientist who was attempting to create artificial quinine.

This began a new era as various colorfast dyes were developed.

Following is some information to help you find sources of reproduction and vintage fabric along with a bit of guidance in choosing what is right for your project.There’s one thing we can say about quilts: they have endurance.An American tradition, vintage quilt patterns often date back to our colonial days.Mid Nineteenth Century Around the middle of the nineteenth century fabric the production of fabric increased to the point that fabric was readily available.Favored colors were Prussian blue, Turkey red and cinnamon pink. We are often led to think the colors were rather drab because colors on the quilts from this period have usually faded or even changed color.

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Paisleys, stripes, geometrics and florals are often seen on fabric during this period.