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Trying to impress with his toughness, Vedius ordered the slave boy be thrown to the huge moray eels in his fish pond. In fact, he was outraged at this novel form of cruelty.

He ordered Vedius to free the slave boy and told the other slaves to bring all the crystal cups they could find and smash them in their master’s presence.

They believed that there is a world of difference between having the organisational skills to run a unit and actually being able to lead it.

By contrast modern managers are often uncomfortable with being promoted above their staff.

It was flat and dusty in the north-eastern corner of Chechnya; stunted trees dotted the landscape and sheep nibbled at the little greenery there was to eat.

I was there with anti-slavery NGO Alternative, tearing along dirt roads in search of a farm where they suspected two men were being held as slaves.

Many first travel to Moscow from Russia's regions or from central Asian states looking for work.

There, at train and bus stations, they are promised jobs in far-flung reaches of the Russian Federation, frequently the Russian Caucasus, a majority Muslim region in the country's south-west.

The second man held there, Sergei Litovchenko, was brought out from behind the house. The activists escorted him to the local police station, to try and force him to pay the money he owed.

Vedius Pollio, a rich Roman, once invited his friend the emperor Augustus to dinner.

The entertainment was interrupted when a slave broke a valuable crystal cup.

At this one, he had not been paid for more than a year.

"We lived in a room [on the farm]," Boris told us later."A fire broke out and afterwards there was cinder and dirt everywhere.

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The NGO's Caucasus coordinator, Zakir Ismailov, put Boris up in a hotel and was working to get him a replacement passport, as well as a job or the minimum pension of $200 a month.