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Blaine wasn't sure why, but he didn't have time to think about it because Mercedes spoke up."Well, you know, that may have been the perfect song," Mercedes agreed, "but that performance was just one package that I'm not signing for. But you guys have got to be for Regionals.""Yeah, clearly we should be taking our advice from somebody who came crawling back to Ohio after apparently having her L. Schu spoke up to stop the argument from escalating."So get on point, Kitty," Kurt added. Schu asked me to help choreograph for Regionals," Mike explained his role."I love you, Mike," Tina said immediately. Kurt felt comfortable standing in line with Blaine.

"Your little theory about Mercedes' shattered dreams, like most of the garbage that comes out of your mouth, is wrong, alright? It reminded him of when things had been simpler between them.

He had grabbed all of the sugar packets from the tray and was trying to arrange them into orderly piles on the table."You are so L. right now, it's breathless," Kurt commented, clearly listening as he worked."Mike knows what I'm talking about, right?

" Mercedes asked."Oh, I totally know what you mean!

" Kurt realized as he reached the building that housed Vogue dot com."Oh my god, I forgot that spring break was next week! His flight to Ohio was uneventful, but Kurt was met with a surprise when he wandered out of the terminal in Ohio and found Finn waiting for him."Finn! "He had some stuff to do at the shop today – he's trying to keep his mind off the appointment, if you ask me – so he asked me if I could come get you since I don't have class for another hour and a half."Kurt relaxed."Okay," he said as Finn motioned for Kurt to follow him to the car."So, uh, do you want to go home or...?

" Kurt wasn't sure whether he should be excited to see his step-brother or worried about why his father hadn't come. " Finn wondered."Let's go home so I can dump my stuff off and change," Kurt decided.

For a moment, Blaine felt frozen – what should he do?

"As Mike spoke, Kurt continued to arrange the sugar packets, and Blaine watched him but did not call attention to the action. Because it was pretty boy-on-boy heavy at the wedding.""We're not together," Blaine said immediately, trying not to panic. ""Why did I hear that Tina did something to you called the Vapo...?

" Mike agreed before turning to Blaine and shaking his head no.

Blaine laughed."Don't worry," Mike said to Mercedes, "I'm all over it.

"And I mean, like, dirty cute."Kurt paused as Blaine walked away and tried to control the smile that tugged at the corners of his mouth as butterflies churned in his stomach.

After a few seconds, he felt in control enough to follow Blaine to the table, and he sat down across from Blaine as Mercedes talked about her upcoming album."The album is called 'Hell to the No', based off of the soon-to-be hit single," she explained."Love it! BLAINE Mercedes started talking to Mike about the music video for her single, but Blaine was suddenly distracted by Kurt.

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She asked about Kurt's day, and he told her about his day spent in class and wandering all over campus making sure each of his professors remembered that he would be gone for the rest of the week. ""Probably," Kurt acknowledged, "at least for part of the week. It made Kurt feel better to know that she didn't think he was losing his mind, but nothing short of a clean bill of health for his father was going to put Kurt's mind at ease.