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This way the system will block users that try to upload files that are much larger than the limit, but still providing a nice validation error to those ones that would be exceeding the limit of few megabytes.Situation: 1) Contact form with a file field that is required and only accepts PDF 2) Uploading a file with another extension Result 2 error messages : - The specified file flag_could not be uploaded. Where is the error message "This value should not be null" is comming from? I have tried creating a new field in Contact Form (/admin/structure/contact).

Fortunately this would never happen because django has a FILE_UPLOAD_MAX_MEMORY_SIZE variable that is set default to 2.5 megabytes.Put the following javascript code inside of your file: Basically, what this piece of code does is to check if the input file is over the limit and if the input file type is the one included in the array allowed Extension.If validations fail, an alert window will pop up, and the input field will get cleaned.I even heard about performing a virus check, that wouldn't be a bad Idea either.Even using this custom filefield a user can upload a huge file to the web server, that will be stored in the temporary directory before being rejected.

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For example, if you only allow image file to be uploaded, you probably want to restrict the file extensions to or

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