Validating rail tickets in europe

Posted by / 29-Jun-2019 19:27

I've never had to show my credit card for using etickets.

Just show it to a clerk to get the printed ticket or stick the credit card to retrieve my printed etickets. check the information board on the platform for the section of platform your carriage will stop at, saves a lot of running when you find your carriage is at the other end of the platform to yourself and they don't stop for long.

I know that we have to carry the credit card that we booked the tickets with, and that's fine.

I purchased the tickets for only €38.70 at the kiosk at the train station.

Now, I have also changed card between purchase and travel and it was no problem, just longer. Tasmangirl, we are flying with Emirates one way and Qantas the other.

I hardly have tickets anymore when traveling in France, I've got a card for Thalys and for SNCF - French at least are pushing towards dematerialized tickets. Getting to Europe from New Zealand takes a loooooong time haha.

The date, time and selected seats for the journey are printed on the ticket. Again, the date, time and selected seats are printed on the ticket. Only tickets for local trains have to be validated.

I think it's an IC/EC train, but finding it difficult to understand the ticket as it is in German. The date, time and selected seats are printed on the ticket. The international train tickets are valid when presented together with the proof of identity which you have specified - obviously your credit card.

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Thalys ticket, whatever their kind, are validated by personal, on board.