Updating sharp aquos software

Posted by / 13-May-2019 14:22

Updating sharp aquos software

Updating the firmware on a Sharp BD-HP20U Blu-ray player using a USB stick and a Mac was not entirely straightforward for me.The process is a bit brittle, so I’m documenting it in the hopes that I (and others) won’t waste so much time dealing with it next time around.My rule of thumb is make sure the release is two seeks old before doing the upgrade... I updated BD-HP20 (not S) with the new firmware from US hu806200.Now i cannot go back or update with another firmware.

I tried to do the update myself again when I got the player back but it did the same thing.. does anyone know of any good players that you can burn the firmware update to disc and just insert it?Did you resolve your problem or know something more?Thank you I rented The Happening tonight, but no joy. Thanks, I bought the Happening and I got the same thing previews and just darkness.Sharp distributes the firmware update as a ZIP archive.After you download and unpack it you will have a file with a .

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After searching on the internet, I 'accidentally' used the HU8022000-update throug the USB-port.