Updating cell towers

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Updating cell towers

The cell tower business model has significant operating leverage: adding new co-location tenants to existing towers entails very limited incremental costs, but doubles or triples site revenues.

Beginning in 2018, though, VNQ will change their benchmark from the MSCI US REIT index to the MSCI US Investable Real Estate index, which includes a 10% weighting in cell towers.Macro cell towers are the backbone of mobile communication networks.Networking technology is limited by a trade-off between .In our "REIT Rankings" series, we introduce and update readers to one of the fourteen REIT sectors.We rank REITs within the sectors based on both common and unique valuation metrics, presenting investors with numerous options that fit their own investing style and risk/return objectives.

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Unlike competing technologies like public Wi-Fi, satellites, and small-cells, macro cell towers provide the most economical mix of coverage and capacity.