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Types of radioisotope dating methods

This chapter will survey the current status of evidence of a few of the arguments for a young ocean and atmosphere.

Water on the Earth About 2/3 of the surface of the Earth is covered by an ocean of water.

The ocean is like a giant flywheel in the earth-atmosphere system.

Neither of these effects has been seriously considered in the global-warming debate.

Such a large increase in average temperature would be of concern if it were to happen.They stated, “Earth is like a Christmas tree ornament hung in space.” What makes the earth so beautiful?The interplay between the light from the Sun and the white, blue, green, and brown colors from the Earth which produce incredible vistas from mountain tops and space.Fortunately, a resurgence of quality research grounded on Biblical revelation has developed over the last twenty years or so.A number of Ph D scientists with training in the atmosphere and ocean sciences and committed to a young earth have devoted full and part-time efforts to understanding processes which reveal estimates of rates and timing.

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The ocean and atmosphere, the grasses and forests, the mountains and deserts, and the clouds and snow reflect, absorb, and scatter various colors of the rainbow.