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Te amo lee taly online dating

Well...considering i've been watching quite a bit of Manga recently.And am also a HUGE fan of Kenichi Matsuyama's acting.I like how you ran differently in Sexy Voice and Robo, L: Change the World, Detroit Metal City and Usagi Drop and even in running you make us feel for the characters and move the story forward. Thank you for bring such unique, funny and likable to life on the screen.

Ken'ichi Matsuyama was born in Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture in 1985. In 2002 Ken'ichi made his debut as an actor landing a small role in the NTV drama "Gokusen" as Kenichi Mori.Both characters Kenichi and Steve are EXTREMELY geeky and annoying. But when I saw the Death Note in movie series, I became obsessed until now, I g-guess.. Looking forward to seeing some of your movies ^^ It made me jealous to know you now have a wife :( just kidding! : D "No matter how gifted you are, You alone cannot change the world" ~L. Well in "L change the world" Kenichi did speak English so it's really strange that he don't know English at all... I guess he had to work very hard to pronounce a word if he didn't know anything about it. However, at the same time both have great hearts and mean well despite there nerdy demeanor. And when I found out that you were already married, I was like falling down a deep well.. Lawliet TBdear~ i may not be you're no.1 fan, but i will always be you're fan :) i have watched some of your movies and it made me realize how great actor you are. ♥ This guy is awesome, a extremely talented actor... Be humble,sweet and taske good care of yourself 2)Look at this website and see your comments,you have alot of girls that like you and reply back if your not busy,these girls would be soo happy if you did 3) I know this is what every girl says and it kind of gets annoying but if your not busy can you please reply back, I would seriously faint if you did, wel I hope I can see you in Japan in two yrs when I visit for my 15th birthday:-D well goodbye Kenichi and please stay your true sweet honest self lovely i dont really think he reads all the comments on this website. ^_^ kenichi i know my message is just like every other fan but i take u as a romodle and as a great person. As an example, do not laugh my love, the next is Ultra Miracle Love Story. because there are so many and their are more websites made for ken'ichi matsuyama fans. in ur movie death note the character L inspired me. WHY THE FRICKIN' VAGINA CARRIERS OUT THERE ALWAYS ASK WHETHER MATSUYAMA HAS A GIRLFRIEND OR NONE?! I watch all, because in my my opinion you are the best Asian actor. こんにちは私はブラジルのファンになっていると私は、その美しさに加えて、彼の作品に感心する。 Euのイワシモノ素イpensarモノ想ので、outra x女性土居田、のmas mesmo assim ... 私は死に注意を見て、君と恋に落ち、その後detroid金属の都市が、ここブラジルで物事を翻訳する場合、日本語でそれを見ることは難しい。例として、次の私の愛笑いをしないでください ウルトラミラクルラブストーリー。私は、アジア最高の俳優が、私の私の意見のために監視します。 hello..."L"....

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Because there hasn't been an episode yet where he wasn't stuffing his face and trying to talk at the same time... I like his acting huntex x hunter..movie plot is just right for a mega hollywood movie....holly producers pls get this movie more compelling always chooses difficult roles that he plays flawlessly and he has many comments on his page which is no surprise because even if he doesn't play the main character kenichi can play many different characters Kenichi you are the greatest actor, you can be everyone, and you are body language when you act it's so perfect ! Please visit South Africa Durban , I'd realli love to meet you some day. U and koyuki would have the cutest baby ever lol BEST OF LUCK BEING A NEW DADDY! I'm still about to watch Gantz and plenty of others!!! I've watched about 30 doramas and japanese movies so far and you're the best japanese actor I have ever seen. I also hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and sound and weren't caught in the disastrous quake. and as u say'happiness wil always be near' in L change the world and guess what ur my happiness and you'll always be NEAR to me i am a total fan i addad nearly 100 people to dis petition soooooooooooooo u kenichi matsuyama canbe in the movie i luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hello kenichi!! because if i didn't, i'll destroy something i cried for hours after watching 'L change the world'...

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