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Bibliografi ini adalah hasil projek bersama oleh Hiroki Nomoto (Universiti Bahasa Asing Tokyo) dan Kartini binti Abd. Dua bibliografi berikut juga berguna bagi pengkaji-pengkaji bahasa Melayu/Indonesia: Abstrak: Indonesian, an Austronesjan language has many pairs of aspect markers which have not been delineated. This paper further explores the deeper motivation for this restriction and shows that me N- is a historical remnant of an earlier antipassive marker.

This thesis examined three published short stories of Putu Wijaya analyzing the pair sudah/telah. This allows some seemingly anomalous aspects of Indonesian syntax to be integrated into a broader analysis of ergativity and Austronesian typology.

Hopper and Thompson's (1980) transitivity scale was applied and a statistically significant difference was found between the transitivity of the two markers. We examine the role of different conceptions of subject and their place in binding.The former type closely resembles the phenomenon in other language families, but the latter is strikingly different, as it involves "word-families" with two, three, four, or in some cases more than four variants, nearly all of which appear to be semantically identical.How these variants arose remains a major theoretical challenge.In earlier publications such as Blust (1969, 1974a,b), the origin of the Kelabit voiced aspirates was attributed to ancestral clusters of voiced obstruent sibilant that arose from syncope in the reflexes of PA *b VS, *d VS, *j VS, *z VS, and *g VS. Problems with this analysis were pointed out by other scholars, but the alternatives that they proposed were not entirely satisfactory.This hypothesis required the expansion of a number of Proto-Austronesian reconstructions through the addition of a vowel after *S, or the addition of a syllable with *S, as in PAu?? Some aspects of these alternative proposals, together with additional observations, have now led to a new analysis, in which Kelabit b Abstrak: Nasal substitution, which replaces a base-initial obstruent with the homorganic nasal under prefixation, is arguably the most prominent morphonological process seen in Austronesian languages, as it is an active part of the verbal morphology of most languages of the Philippines and western Indonesia, as well as Malagasy, Chamorro, and Palauan.

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