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The German Süddeutsche Zeitung article in the link here was used as a starting point for some of the information featured above.

As our friends in Germany like to say ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (jumping a head with technology) If you are interested in similar articles to this one please take a look at the archive which is here.

Starting the New Year off with a bang is important for most people but these pedestrians got more than they bargained for when a car passenger began shooting fireworks at them.

In the clip from Bonn, Germany, a car is seen driving forwards and reversing as red and green fireworks shoot from the passenger window.

Bonn like many other modern cities faces these same challenges.One year ago Bonn introduced its first self-service sex-permit machine on the city’s official ‘street walkers patch’ (Straßenstrich).This allows ladies (and presumably gentlemen) interested in pursuing financially reimbursed romantic activities to obtain a city sex permit at the beginning of their evening shift. The one-night sex license equipment is a specially adapted self-service parking permit machine.According to German newspaper Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, police are investigating the video and attempting to establish its authenticity.In these times of austerity governments and municipalities need to be ever more creative in the way they raise taxes.

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The fee of 6 euros covers the tax due from sexual transactions between p.m. From the research I have carried out I am not sure if the permit allows you to be involved in financially reimbursed romantic activities once you leave the Bonn city limits.

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