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Ryerson university dating site

For convenience's sake, the post office will accept both the City of Toronto and the name of the former municipality as mailing addresses in areas subjected to amalgamation; claiming you live in Etobicoke.This explains why one still finds, for instance, "North York Hydro" written on manhole covers in streets north of the core.Furthermore, Toronto's multiculturalism is exceptionally non-nominal, as the city has the highest proportion of recent immigrants of any of the world's major cities; Toronto is thus thought of as quite immigrant friendly and harbours many distinct cultural communities from diverse regions of the globe.As such, the city is known for all sorts of cultural festivals such as the Caribbean Carnival (Caribbean music and cultural festival; formerly called Caribana) and A Taste of the Danforth (Greek food street festival).Toronto can technically be considered a "mega-city": in 1998, the downtown core of Old Toronto and its neighbouring municipalities, all of which were their own cities at the time, were amalgamated into one single City of Toronto.This has generally been regarded as a serious dick move by the offending Tory provincial government, as it has led to all kinds of confusion and annoyance.However that same Mississaugan will claim to be from Toronto while traveling overseas (or more than two provinces away) just to avoid the insane annoyance of having to explain in detail that they don't actually live in the city, but rather in another contiguous city.

"The 6" has also become a popular nickname for the city, largely popularized (although not created) by Toronto hip hop artist Drake.In Canada, it's often (derisively) nicknamed "the centre of the universe", partially because it's the first city anyone outside of Canada will think of.Oh, and everybody in Canada who lives outside of the Greater Toronto Area hates Toronto - and sometimes the people who live inside it.Not all of Toronto's suburbs are part of the mega-city; cities like Vaughan (pronounced Recently (2013), the term GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area) is becoming more common, a larger and more populous area that also includes the nearby city of Hamilton.The fact that "GTHA" doesn't share its name with a video game series about urban crime likely also had something to do with the shift.).

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It's a reference to either the city's two area codes (647 and 416) or to the 6 cities that were amalgamated into the present day Toronto (see below), although there is no consensus on which one is accurate.