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Gibbses, Tiva, Telly & maybe some other romances too! It's better to accept late than to never accept at all. Bella fights to leave her past behind, but will she be able to let love in? Now she sat on the bathroom floor holding a positive pregnancy test... She was still a baby." Nothing followed her plan anymore, but it surprisingly didn't matter now. What he finds in those boxes sets off a series of changes, both personal and professional. "I want to be the one to give you more." He enunciated every word. I know that we've never been as close as you have been with them, but things don't have to stay that way. Let me treat you how you deserve to be treated..." Reid/Penelope. Knowing from Sirius that he is now who he thought he is and that a death eater child is missing, Harry tries to use that knowladge to bargain for Cedric's life. And why is Draco Malfoy suddenly flirting with him? Snape-Harry mentorfic With graduation looming, Rory thinks about her future, realizes Logan isn't a part of it and calls an old friend for advice. (reposted and updated)She was the manager of a chain of stationary stores. It helped that he wants to spend time with the Potions Master and this was a good excuse. A slow developing love story between two men struggling with what life throws at them, creating a unique family along the way. FBI Analyst Penelope Garcia thought she was having a really bad day but SSA Dr. He nodded and I reached up and mopped the tears off of my face with the backside of my hand. " I wanted to kick myself, because of how pathetic I sounded.

5 Sing 'I'm Too Sexy' whilst attempting to grope Mc Gonagall. AH canon pairings Rated M for adult content Olderward/Doctorward *Banner made by Falling Stars*Two days before her youngest son's birthday, Molly still has no idea what to get Harry for his eighteenth. Thank you to i Luna17 for the beta."Jamie's ears are full of static. When a friend sets her up with an online dating profile and a blind date, Bella hopes it will lead to finding her Mr. Will Harry and his friends come together to defeat Voldemort or will they fall apart along with the Wizarding World? What began as a marriage of convenience gradually turns into something else. After Harry's 5th Year, Dumbledore decides that he must break his vow to the ministry and take dirct acton to help Harry fulfill his destiny. Get ready as Hogwarts has on its hands yet another volatile love story. Okay, so this is kind of a story about how Derek and Meredith met when she was in Med school, he was on trial seperation from Addison whom he procedes to divorse, starts dating Mer and it goes from there. 68 ..then dress up as two bunnies in neon pink tutus. Bella Swan and Alice Cullen are friends from college. previously posted on SIYE - changes here Very Human Edward, Alice, Rose, Jasper, & Emmett are all friends heading off to meet Emmett's little sister for the first time. Mc Gee's Mom comes to visit NCIS Headquarters and tells the team about a situation when Tim was young referred to in the family only as The Incident. If you ask, she’ll tell you she hates him, Dan Scott. Bella doesn't want to be there she wants to be home in the country but maybe she'll find exactly what she needs in this Season.

Author has written 175 stories for Harry Potter, Life With Derek, Twilight, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Pride and Prejudice, Fosters, Grey's Anatomy, Friday Night Lights, Girl Meets World, NCIS, Heartland, Criminal Minds, and Middle. How did Eddie find out about her partner's allergy, and how did a much younger Jamie and his family first discover it? In 19 years later, Albus and Rose didn't understand that their parents were famous.

Fun loving Lily adores Christmas, but her serious husband Scorpius is of a difference of opinion. This means that all of the older kids had to learn this at some point of their school journey.

Will the stiff Miss Bennet ever emerge from her prickly shell? Will be published on Amazon , so only first two chapters available here. Tim-centric with team as family using the early season 12 cast; otherwise this does not follow canon. Rated due to male genitalia references."She won't deny that up until fourth year, she never saw him as anything other than her favourite family member; something like a cousin maybe, but a lot closer, something like a brother but, then again, not quite." NEXT-GEN Fic. All alone, 3000 miles from home, there's only one person he wishes would see him. Then while on a case, JJ calls in an expert to help them.

Enters Doctor Spencer Reid, Model into the lives of the BAU team, without any of them knowing that Marge Dursely has only heard bad things about Harry Potter, she has not had the chance to meet him face to face.

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At graduation she watched her friends receive their awards, knowing that there was never a final due for her, a war torn hero. Harry Remus tapes a list of things that Sirius Is Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts onto their door. His smile only grew, the man leaning down and mumbling, "Mornin' Mrs. It came at the worst possible time, well not that death ever comes at a good time, Zoe reflects but you'd think with how invested he was in their relationship he'd wait around long enough to see them have their happy ending. Includes a walk down the dark alley of Jess's childhood. Rated M for language, a lemon and potential rug burn. Some you keep for others, some you keep for yourself, and others you keep to avoid them. Morgan scanned the crowd, desperate to see a member of the Team. Now years later they are both vamps and what will Edward say when he realizes who the new girl is. Not even when she was young and couldn't tell the difference although Lily can't remember a time when the difference from herself and the rest of the world wasn't perfectly clear. This is just a cutesy little short story about his first few minutes with his baby girl. For now, nothing could take her from me." Set to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Starting in first book, find out what situation Ginny was putting herself in and how she befriended the one she had a crush on. But it's been a while coming—so's the reason behind it... -Teddy Lily, set to "Careful" by Paramore After Carl Buford is arrested, Reid goes to comfort his lover. Knowing that being with her could cost him his relationship with the family he loves, Teddy needs to realize if being with Lily can really work, or if it's all doomed from the start. Amita wants Charlie's attention she's going to get what she wants - no matter what it takes. Harry's daughter only wants one thing for Christmas..question is, does she get it? Harry, after being promoted to Head of the Auror department, receives an urgent call from Hermione: Ginny has gone into labor two months early, and there are complications with the pregnancy in which Lily Luna is not expected to survive. I've survived war,deadly fights against dark wizards,even a few dementors attackes, but now I'm dying a slow and painfull death as I'm forced to give her away. Because Albus just happens to be the older brother of his girlfriend Lily. He brings some unexpected baggage that changes the lives of more than just him. After much prodding, she tells a story, one that Lily, surprisingly, knows... She's anxious to meet Emmett's new girlfriend, and begin an exciting journey of her own. Whether they are or not, these are the moments that lasted a lifetime. After endangering both his beloved godfather and his friends, Harry has been very reclusive all summer. LPXSM R&R PLZBella Swan want's to get away, she decided to move in with her dad and brother, and her life goes in a way she'd never expect it to. Mary Booth has been trying to get her son married off since he was 20 and it just so happens that Temperance Brennan is her favorite author...“I’m just glad we don’t have to pretend like we don’t know anymore. All the hushed voices and the sneaking around, let me tell you it get’s old. I’m so glad it’s off my chest.” R&R Dasey.2nd in Beginning Series - Harry and his friends enter seventh year and find heartache, happiness, pain, and see the end of the war. Bella Black is the future cheif her father Charlie is the current one.