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The complete official name of this year's edition is Tampere 43rd International Short Film Festival. I copy below the official programme notes and add my own remarks having watched the films. National Competition 1 Language: Arabic HÄÄTANSSI DANCE OF OUTLAWS Finland, Norway | Suomi, Norja 2012 Documentary | 85 min | 2K DCP Director: Mohamed El Aboudi Script: Mohamed El Aboudi Cinematography: Marita Hällfors Sound: Martti Turunen Editing: Erik Andersson Music: Juuso Hannukainen, Mikko Rajala Production: Illume Oy / Pertti Veijalainen, Timo Korhonen, Torstein Grude, Venla Hellstedt Contact: Illume / Maarit Montonen, [email protected] film about a woman who doesn't exist. Alcan Highway is the story of a man making his dream come true: with the help of his friends he attempts to fix a truck, build a home on top of it and drive it from Anchorage, Alaska to the Vancouver Island. AA: There seems to be a small revival of the road movie, including the film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On the Road. Hind, a Moroccan girl, was raped and consequently denied an official identity. Alcan Highway is a humoristic documentary account of a crazy project of Hese (Heikki Tolonen), building a unique mobile home, and driving 4000 kilometers from Anchorage to Vancouver Island. Finland | Suomi 2013 Documentary | 74 min | 2K DCP Director: Virpi Suutari Script: Virpi Suutari Cinematography: Heikki Färm Sound: Olli Huhtanen Editor: Jussi Rautaniemi Music: Matti Pentikäinen, Arto Tuunela, Atso Soivio Production, contact: Filmimaa Oy / Markku Tuurna, 358505666596, [email protected], ajelehtijat asuvat itähelsinkiläistä vuokrataloa, jota he kutsuvat Hiltoniksi. There is a block of rental flats in Eastern Helsinki suburbs called Hilton. - A pearly mussel can remain in its place for 150 years.

Uusia huonekaluja tulee kylläkin toisinaan kuolattua netin kautta, kuten tässäkin tapauksessa.It starts with three dangerous accidents he has recorded with his camera. It goes on with three tragic stories of schoolmates. - At school the most talented schoolmate was also a great football player. The psychiatrist mate who did not tolerate answers. Luonnehäiriöinen vaistoaa, ettei pysty alistamaan sisäisesti vahvoja ihmisiä ja pysyy siksi heistä etäällä.Narsisti torjuu heidät tai alkaa jopa vihata heitä.

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She has no other choice but to work as a prostitute and a traditional wedding dancer, but against the odds she refuses to give up. - Finding ancient images around the world: Niaux, the cave which is two kilometers deep, "into the womb of the Earth". There is a sense of fun in the opening where the mobile home is built.

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