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The process of discovering more about the other person, as you continue to spend additional time with him or her, is what propels the relationship forward, right?

“One of the more interesting things that I find is how social media might help you to discover things about another person that perhaps you would have found out later in time if the interactions were purely in person,” Ashley Knox, MSW, said.“Some people are more comfortable revealing things about themselves online, because it may be easier, and also, it has become the thing to do online these days.

That certainly can aid in the progression of learning about someone, whether it’s links to articles they might enjoy reading or general musings about life’s happenings, I sometimes peruse profiles to garner more knowledge about a guy I may be interested in.

Yet, isn’t there also something to be said for not wanting to know it all right away?

Those same signs that you’re wondering about will surface in person as he or she opens up, lets you in, and shares.Louisa found that she could cope with Simon’s flashbacks.She also came to terms with quirks such as his need to sit with his back to the wall in restaurants and bars, scanning faces as they entered, for threat, as if he were back in the theatre of war. “There was an incident in January 2013 when Simon kicked me out of bed in the middle of an angry outburst.At the time Buckden, who had served as a soldier in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the First Gulf War, was undergoing cancer treatment.“I knew Simon had post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD],” says Louisa, “because when we met he was running marathons to fund charities helping PTSD outreach.

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In September 2013 the British Government announced it was investing in mental-health services for veterans and serving military.

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