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// 根据提供的日历标示符初始化。 /* identifier 的范围可以是: NSCalendar Identifier Gregorian 公历 NSCalendar Identifier Buddhist 佛教日历 NSCalendar Identifier Chinese 中国农历 NSCalendar Identifier Hebrew 希伯来日历 NSCalendar Identifier Islamic 伊斯兰日历 NSCalendar Identifier Islamic Civil 伊斯兰教日历 NSCalendar Identifier Japanese 日本日历 NSCalendar Identifier Republic Of China 中华民国日历(台湾) NSCalendar Identifier Persian 波斯历 NSCalendar Identifier Indian 印度日历 NSCalendar Identifier ISO8601 ISO8601 */ let cal1: NSCalendar?= NSCalendar(calendar Identifier: NSCalendar Identifier Gregorian) // 返回当前客户端的逻辑日历 /* 取得的值会一直保持在 cache 中,第一次用此方法实例化对象后,即使修改了系统日历设定,这个对象也不会改变 */ let cal2: NSCalendar = NSCalendar.current Calendar() // 返回当前客户端的逻辑日历 /* 当每次修改系统日历设定,其实例化的对象也会随之改变。 */ let cal3: NSCalendar = NSCalendar.autoupdating Current Calendar() let calendar: NSCalendar = NSCalendar.current Calendar() // 设置区域 calendar.locale = NSLocale(locale Identifier: "zh_CN") // 设置时区 /* 设置时区,设置为 GMT 8,即北京时间( 8) */ Zone = NSTime Zone(abbreviation: "EST")!我的一天.png先来点湿的(很湿很能吹...)NSCalendar官方API: NSCalendar objects encapsulate information about systems of reckoning time in which the beginning, length, and divisions of a year are defined.They provide information about the calendar and support for calendrical computations such as determining the range of a given calendrical unit and adding units to a given absolute time NSCalendar的初始化方法:常用:// 可指定日历的算法NSCalendar * calendar =

Only the content will be visible when onlycontent=1 querystring is passed.This behavior should be taken into account when working with dates created before the transition period of the affected locales.For example, to convert between a decomposed date in one calendar and another calendar, you must first convert the decomposed elements into a date using the first calendar, then decompose it using the second.I think that's acceptable from a legal standpoint, as 'leaplings' can either have their birthdays on February 28th or March 1st.And now it works, thank youlet components = NSCalendar.current Calendar().components([.

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When there is incomplete information to compute an absolute time, default values similar to are usually chosen by a calendar, but this is a calendar-specific choice.