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Namibian sex chat sites

Sixty-two per cent of people choose an even numbered row.

So, if you want a seat of your choice, move away from the crowded front and pick an aisle seat on a odd-numbered row, preferably towards the back of the plane.

Hack the system We have done it for years and it still pays off on flights that aren’t full.

If you are travelling as a couple or family, trick the system into giving you extra space by leaving an empty seat between two members of the party when checking in.

The group is campaigning for a law on minimum seat width and last Friday a US court ruled that the body in charge of American carriers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), must acknowledge their petition, known as “the case of the incredible shrinking airline seat”.

The FAA is now obligated to review the petition “to place a moratorium on shrinking seat sizes and to create seat size standards”.

According to a Skyscanner survey, seat 6A is the most coveted seat and the least favourite is 31E.

Their survey also found that 46 per cent people prefer a window seat at the front of the plane.

Don’t follow the herd Travel surveys repeatedly report that the majority of passengers choose an even numbered row.Many airlines give preferences to people who check-in early by allocating them into the earliest boarding group.Those who check-in last are typically part of the “C” group, which get the remaining middle seats.Travel to India If all else fails, fly with Delhi-based carrier Vistara … The domestic airline, which has plans to expand beyond India in the near future, launched a service that guarantees women won’t be allocated a middle seat following passenger feedback.It’s part of its Woman Flyer initiative introduced in March to protect solo female fliers in a country known that is listed as the fifth most dangerous countries for women travellers by the International Women’s Travel Centre.

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In a three-seat row, if you book both the aisle and the window seats, you increase the chances of having an empty seat in the middle.

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