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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 I've been thinking about misconceptions. And there's lube testing to be done, understanding which lubes work best with what, and which ones are dildo destroyers (sounds like a good name for comic book villain). The other idea planted in my head by an email story this morning (thank you) was me doing the Caveman in the ass. Would we use a finger, a dildo/strap-on, a plug, or what? I have a feeling we're about seven solar systems away from making that contact, but the thought of it is really h.o.t. Caveman has never mentioned the anal urge, except to tell me he once tried inserting something while masturbating.All the misguided ideas I've had about sex (anal, fisting, toys, orgasms, homosexuality) all these years, simply because I was told something or believed something early on and never ventured to find out for myself if it was true. What kind of anal would he want and how would he want it? He said it was alright but didn't become a regular contributor to his self-pleasuring repertoire.Sometimes he sucked on my breasts and nipples, and when his mouth wasn't there, I'd get this wild vacuum suction feeling, as if my entire breasts were being pulled up into a giant, tonguey mouth. Another happy story was when I was kneeling over him and we started kissing really tonguey and frantically and deep while he fucked me with his thumb and played with my ass.When it's wildly erotic like that, I like the ass business soft, and the clitoris pretty direct. The strong, pointy feel of his tongue in my mouth, the taste of him. That tongue made me want to put my pussy right over him and have him tongue and suck and lick until I cannot withhold the scream any longer.

I'm slowly learning to accept this concept of uninterrupted concentration because I'm quite different. And all of a sudden, he gets on top of me and starts screwing all over again. Breasts and nipples require licking and sucking between acts.

But I'm still a little timid about imposing myself on him that way. As I panted to catch my breath and kissed him goodnight, I declared the evening almost entirely unbloggable.

I'm thinking I may have to get the girl from the library to come by at night and take notes for me - write a nice erotic sexy story!

So, as I was saying, I raised hips up off the bed, with my ass in the air and he started playing with the ultrasoft area just between the clit and the erotic cock garage (that's vagina to you medical professionals). Masters and Johnson need my research / sex stories.

I wish I could say exactly what he was doing, but I was a moaning, sweating, blubbering, shoulder-sucking happy mess by this point, and I don't really know.

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She has very kindly allowed us to use some of our favourite excerpts from her blog, which you will find below. I pretend my hands are tied behind my head like in a good erotic bondage story and resistance is indeed futile.