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The terminals are a long way apart – opt for the metro if you need to dash as it’s the easiest to locate and quicker than the bus or waiting for a cab.

In Terminal 2, opened in 2010, KFC and Taiwanese noodle shop Yonghe King, do a roaring trade and offer comfortable booth seating at either end of the arrival hall.

Upstairs, you can get a decent cup of coffee at Costa.

Through customs on the airside, there is a Starbucks and Subway among a pack of Chinese and Muslim cafes.

Premium properties go to even greater extremes to distinguish themselves: Vertiginous lobbies, rooftop bars with Jacuzzis, bathtubs in living rooms, evening ‘unwind’ rituals, tai chi courtyards, feng shui architecture, sunset yacht cruises and decadent day spas are just a few examples.

The city beckons with top shopping and quaint Shanghai tea houses for a restorative break and seasonal Shanghai e-coupon discounts.

Hongqiao Airport is closer to the city centre and its new Terminal 2 is conveniently integrated into the vast Hongqiao Transport Hub.Covering 1.5 million square metres, this transport intersection connects the airport with the Shanghai metro system (about 30 minutes to People’s Square), plus high-speed trains to Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and beyond, and long distance buses.Terminal 1 is accessible via metro line 10 or a courtesy bus.The Terminal 2 Departures area mezzanine level (head up the escalators once you pass through security check) offers a tranquil Café Deco restaurant, Burger King, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria, Tian Xia Dumplings, Chatime and Ajisen Ramen.The older Terminal 1 is undergoing expansion, with a new satellite terminal and updated facilities scheduled for 2015.

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