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She graduated there from Hollywood Professional High School and soon after took a job as a -a-week elevator operator in a department store in Hollywood.She sang at night with a band led by the violinist Matty Malneck. A chance meeting with talent agent Sue Carol would help start her movie career.

After the divorce, Julie became somewhat reclusive and focused her energy on motherhood which was a role she cherished.Webb became a great star with the television series "Dragnet".The pressures of stardom coupled with the fact that webb was a self professed workaholic put an obvious strain on his marriage with Julie and it ended after 6 years in 1953.In regards to the family home, Julie said; Julies last music recording, "My Funny Valentine," for the film "Sharky's Machine" was made in 1981 after which she quite happily retired.Julie acted in 24 movies and her last motion picture was "The George Raft Story" in 1961, in which she portrayed Raft's first girlfriend, Sheila Patton.

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It was family, not career, that was Julie's priority.