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The genus Iguanodon belongs to the larger group Iguanodontia, along with the duck-billed hadrosaurs.

The discovery of much better specimens in later years revealed that the horn was actually a modified thumb.Mantell sent a letter detailing his discovery to the local Portsmouth Philosophical Society in December 1824, several weeks after settling on a name for the fossil creature.The letter was read to members of the Society at a meeting on 17 December, and a report was published in the Hampshire Telegraph the following Monday, 20 December, which announced the name, mis-spelt as "Iguanadon".A more complete specimen of similar animal was discovered in a quarry in Maidstone, Kent, in 1834 (lower Lower Greensand Formation), which Mantell soon acquired.He was led to identify it as an Iguanodon based on its distinctive teeth.

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Scientific understanding of Iguanodon has evolved over time as new information has been obtained from fossils.