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Laser code dating equipment

Fourteen feet [4.3 m] of the tree were spoiled in falling.

The extreme length of the tree from the stump to the top twigs was 300 feet (91 m)] ---- Greenfield Gazette." In 1995 Robert Leverett and Will Blozan measured the Boogerman Pine, a white pine in Great Smokey Mountains National Park, at a height of 207 feet in 1995 using ground based cross triangulation methods.

In the northeastern United States, for example, there are frequent stories published in newspapers and magazines dating from the 1800s telling of extremely tall white pines (Pinus strobus). It was 7 feet [2.1 m] through 10 feet [3.0 m] from the stump, and 5 feet [1.5 m] through 50 feet [15 m] from the stump.

One extraordinary account in the Weekly Transcript, North Adams, Mass., Thursday, July 12, 1849 reads: "A Large Tree. Twenty-two logs were taken from the tree, the average length of which were 12 feet [3.7 m].

It is possible that some white pines in the past reached heights of well over 200 feet [61 m] given the much larger area of primary forest prior to the timber boom in the 1800s, however, based on what grows today, it is highly unlikely they ever reached the heights in some of these historical accounts.

The stick method requires a measuring tape and a stick or ruler and uses the principle of similar triangles to estimate tree heights.If the tree is growing on the side of a cliff, the base of the tree is at the point where the pith would intersect the cliff side.Roots extending down from that point would not add to the height of the tree.On a slope this base point is considered as halfway between the ground level at the upper and lower sides of the tree.Tree height can be measured in a number of ways with varying degrees of accuracy.

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A general outline of tree measurements is provided in the article Tree Measurement with more detailed instructions in taking these basic measurements is provided in "The Tree Measuring Guidelines of the Eastern Native Tree Society" by Will Blozan.

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