John kelvin dating scammer ethica thomistic online dating

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John kelvin dating scammer

He was very excited about it and happy that he was given a contract.

He had to fly to Dubai on December 25 to get everything settled. All the time he pointed to me that I cause him delays? View scammer's photos Name: Daniel Scoth Aka: unknown Age: Not Location: London Address: Not informed Phone: 44 7751 662813 Email: [email protected] web sites: Yes Report: is the same photo posted as james bush 50 old found on this site.

On 27th December he starts talking about problems with his ticket, with payments, with demurrage fees etcetera. Found me by Linked In and sent me a romantic email. Said to have sent ring of diamonds, money, perfumes, laptop.

I decided to help him out for his ticket and did send money through Moneygram. I'd need a ransom at the New York customs for $ 3,000. I saw him on Girls Date For Free under a different name saying he was in Florida.

I paid 1100 euro to Surname: KURSKAYA Name: ALINA City: Kharkov Country: Ukraine. About the care of the carrier View scammer's photos Name: Josh Whitney Aka: unknown Age: 42 Location: Afghanistan Address: post office box 1212, 60236 nina drive Phone: 9855021053 Email: Josh.whitney.75491 On web sites: Facebook Report: He has asked for i Tunes card and 0.00 for his CHARITY in North Carolina to help the people who have nothing.

He told me this was his agent for years now, handling his flights all over the world. When I studied later what was send to me, there were some things that didn? View scammer's photos Name: Frank Warren Aka: unknown Age: unknown Location: Damascus, Syria Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: Our Time, Girls Date For Free Report: This man contacted me on Our Time in 2015. At that time I gave many details, account numbers of banks in London, Santander Bank, Bank of the SW in Houston, TX, Talked to him for a year.,mostly emails and messenger. I looked his pictures up on Tin Eye and found out he was a scammer. It has been a couple of years since I talked to him at all.

After a bit he said his dad was from the Ivory cost & his mom was Canadian!

His parents went to the Ivory cost & they died there. They had gold when they died & he was over there to pick it up but where his parents had it kept the place wanted a fee for him to collect the gold.

Another thing is when I asked how he got my E-Mail he said he got it on Inter-Chat & he tried to act like he was dumb. Next Name: Brady Alex Scott Aka: Acar Hakan Age: 60 Location: Dubai Address: Phone: 8 Email: [email protected] web sites: Unknown Report: @bradyscott0094972 on Text Me Name changed to Glory to Glory Amazing phone number 8. Chicgo IL, Palm Springs CA, Dubai, Malaysia, Mississippi.View scammer's photos Name: Raymond Chandler Aka: Patrick, Douglas Age: 60 Location: Kabul Afgainstaian Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: unknow Report: I was scammed of thousands of dollars by this person .Unfortunately I miss the first messages, probably because he has deleted his profile on Tinder. He called me once, just after we started on Whatsapp. His wife died 5 years ago, he has a daughter and a granddaughter who are living in USA.He said he wanted to verify that I am not a scammer? He told me he had to fly to Syria with a private military yet. Awards and contracts would be given to the best soldiers he told me.

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