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Images of web cameras private

All of this raises the question: Why don’t we just cover our webcams whenever they aren’t in use?

Is this the digital equivalent of leaving the front door unlocked, or forgetting to check the deadbolt at night?

Some students in the Lower Merion School District reported seeing the indicator light turn on with no explanation.

Just as we mentioned earlier, setting and changing passwords is going to be very important in securing your webcams.At the moment, more than 500 feeds from the UK, as well as footage from over 250 countries worldwide, are being shared online. Connecting your computer to the internet immediately opens you up to the world of the hacker.But everyone needs internet access - computers just aren't fun without it. First things first, change the password on your router.The Russian website has exploited the fact that most people don't protect their webcams at all, or use default passwords.Instead, encrypt your camera using a random password generator. Obviously, a random password isn't that easy to remember, so make sure you keep this stored securely somewhere to access later - preferably somewhere that isn't connected to the internet.

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