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Hook up sexualy with michigan hermaphrodites

There is a dark blotch at the upper corner of the gill opening, on both the body and gill cover.

There is a dark band over the head between the eyes and the edge of the operculum is dark.

Sexual dimorphism This species is a protandrous hermaphrodite, being male early in its life and then becoming female later.

Habitat The usual habitat is over sand and rock bottoms in the sea down to about 50 m, but young fish may enter estuaries and may penetrate considerable distances inland, although some fish remain at sea permanently.

The frequency of penetration into Iranian rivers along the Persian Gulf coast is not known.

Many species in this family are hermaphrodites with male and female sex organs developing simultaneously, changing sex from male to female (protandry), or from female to male (protogyny).

These fishes are often important as food or sought by anglers.

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Morphology Upper profile of head steep and convex back to above the posterior eye margin. Lateral line scales 41-46, or 48-50, or up to 55 depending probably on differing counting methods.

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