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Was it important to you to differentiate your app by stating upfront that it is for finding legit relationships?That is the main differentiation point with most other dating apps.In Hong Kong mostly, where pro-democracy protesters are using it to communicate amid fears of network shutdowns.It's also been used by Iraqis and Taiwanese students during their anti-Beijing Sunflower Movement. We sat down with Dawoon—who’s dated two dudes off Coffee Meets Bagel so far, including her current BF—to chat about how Coffee Meets Bagel works, the sexist blowback from their huge moment and the secret habits of ladies dating online.What makes Coffee Meets Bagel different from all the other dating apps? We focus on young professionals—especially young professional women.It only stays open for seven days, though, to encourage actually meeting up IRL.You can also purchase coffee beans that give you perks like rematching with someone after the 24-hour window closes.

But when it comes to dating, they’re super-conservative in terms of who initiates the first chat: like, no woman does it.We try to match you with somebody with a similar social background, so in order to do that, we need to know what you do.The app is a very young-professional-geared crowd, so that is the information that they want to know, right?When we surveyed our members, we asked “Do you like it when women initiate?” and 96 percent of guys are, like, “Yeah, I love it.” But when you look at the stats, we only see about 25 percent of our chat lines initiated by a woman. There is also a feature called “Take” where after you get your own bagel, we actually give you 10 more for you to see that you can give to your friends—or you can actually take it for yourself.

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You can also earn beans by inviting your friends, completing your profile or uploading more photos.

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