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Give online dating a breaking

Sometimes, though, down-and-out businesses stay that way, or manage to fall even further.

The five companies below have struggled for years to turn around their operations and, for whatever reason, have failed to get themselves back on the right track.

The company has also slashed jobs and cut back on outside contractors in an effort to reduce costs.

Those cuts helped the company post better-than-expected third-quarter results, but unless Mattrick can position Zynga for success in mobile, he's going to have problems gaining traction.

The company's executive offices have seen a revolving cast of managers, but none have managed to get profits blooming.

Revenues in Martha Stewart Living's publishing business have fallen year-over-year for seven straight quarters.

Sears' struggles are taking a bite out of Lampert's fortune.

He was forced to reduce his stake in Sears to under 50 percent because of redemptions from hedge fund clients.

Best Buy shares, for example, have zoomed nearly 250 percent higher this year.Sears has announced plans to spin off Lands' End and sell its auto centers, a deal that one analyst estimates could be worth as much as .5 billion.But the company has about .8 billion in long-term debt.As he continues to lose control over Sears, pressure will mount on Lampert to either take the venerable retailer private or sell it to someone else. The company has seen its market capitalization shrink by 98 percent.Radio Shack Ever since he became CEO earlier this year, Joe Magnacca has vowed to "transform" the business. Radio Shack has been struggling to keep pace with technology and stave off fiscal oblivion for years. It now has a value of 0.4 million, which is tiny for a national retail chain.

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Radio Shack is in such poor shape that it's unlikely that a buyer would rescue it, at least before it shutters poorly performing stores.

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