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Note the “shape” of the the overall function, this is usually indicative of a case statement or if/then sections: All of this is done over and over again, generating 1000 possible domains.That “random” seed value is really just a starting point and all of the URLs are called eventually at a rate of just about 1 per second.

Having acquired a monopoly on war, states imposed their bureaucratic nature onto war itself.

Ternaries will only add confusion and be a new source of bugs at this point. At the end, I'll add an example of code you could end up with if you decide to take my recommendations to heart.

: I did not add a code example as there are simply too many unknowns to deal with, and that any example would basically end up being a total re-write of your code, which isn't my job, and is of little educational use to you.

We'll get to the $recur_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM recur WHERE title = '$title' AND name = '$name'"); $recur = mysql_fetch_array($recur_query); $recurring = $recur['type']; //Find day of starting recurring event and ending day if (! Stay consistent and try to adhere to the standard as much as you can.

$recurring == "None") else Ok, you may have noticed I fixed the indentation. Anyway: This code basically queries the same DB for, pretty much, the same data over and over again.

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The DWORD 31E4104 is used as a maximum value for the loop counter. Which aligns with this post as well: There are two parts to this DGA, one where the domain name is generated and another where the Top Level Domain or TLD (for short) is generated.