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Gay speed dating

Our once happy relationship slowly turned into this dark situation that we were both trapped in.

Yea, we loved each other, ALOT, but that was the last thing we were thinking about. The guilt of things I said the night before and the hurt from the things he said consumed every ounce of energy I had. Yet, we continued on this pattern to the point where we had to break up.

It’s been tough transitioning out of our partying lifestyle but so far its been worth it.

At some point I’m sure we’ll be going out a few nights a month, but right now we’re just focusing on ourselves.

Our strategy seems to be the same in these situations.

We don’t realize that we’re selling ourselves as a friend rather than someone we’re romantically interested in, so how do we fix it? ” As gay guys we seem to worry about this no matter how much pride we have in ourselves.

A connection that hadn’t been around in forever started coming back.It was so weird how the week before we pretty much hated each other.We decided to give it more time and see if we could keep things going.We think he’s too good for us or too hot for us, which makes us believe we’re not worthy.—to literally reject those thoughts and remind ourselves it’s all based from fear—is what separates the boys from the men.

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We can be in that headspace if you really try, and over time we will train our brain to get there faster.

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