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If you're an early adopter of Kinect, Microsoft has set up a program to provide free sensor adapters to those with older consoles.

For a limited time, Xbox Support will be distributing these complementary adapters upon request.

When Microsoft announced the latest iteration of its flagship console, the Xbox One S, it was noted that a Kinect port will be absent on the slimmed-down unit.

With the company's focus on motion controls quickly diverging elsewhere, users will need a separate adapter to use the Kinect sensor on the console.

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The father, who is a former security worker, said: ‘You never think these things will happen to you.

my daughters room is done in the nightmare before christmas theme. I bought this for my small brother on his birthday and he liked it so much, my heart filled with joy!!

i purchased the skins for the xbox and the controllers as well as her lap top.

Instead, users can purchase a Kinect adapter from the Microsoft Store or Amazon.I knew I was opening myself up to criticism by telling people about it but I thought it was important to warn other parents.’A Microsoft spokesman said: ‘At Microsoft, helping protect our Xbox Live members has always been a priority and we continually evaluate ways to manage safety for our more than 48 million Xbox Live members, particularly children on our service. Sadly, it doesn't include a port for the Kinect motion tracker — but you can get a free USB adapter, so it's all cool.Throughout my time using this chat headset I’ve never found it uncomfortable and at times have forgotten I’ve been wearing it due to how light it is, this all adds to an overall comfortable experience.Now so far I’ve talked about certain specs and comfort but it’s time to talk about the audio quality, the microphone is an omnidirectional mic with “crystal clear chat” when I first used this headset I plugged it into a turtle beach adapter on my controller, at this point it was feeding game audio and chat audio through the headset and I managed to set the chat and game audio levels perfectly obviously this is a chat headset and was designed simply for party chat audio in mind, I plugged the headset into my Xbox controllers 3.5mm port and tested out its functionality, I could hear the party just as clear as I would a more expensive gaming headset but obviously this time no game chat was fed through, when asking how my microphone sounded to other members of the Xbox party it was noted that it sounded superior when coming through the turtle beach adapter rather than straight into the controller but both were above acceptable especially for a chat headset.

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