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If you would like to add Angular Js in your skill set, Detailed Angular JS Tutorial is available for you to deep dive in one of the most popular Javascript Meta framework.Modules are the most important part of Angular JS application.

Note that you can use other FE technologies instead of JSP (Velocity templates for example). By passing the module name to ng-app directive, we can tell Angular JS to load this module as the main entry point for the application. To know more in details about Angular JS Modules, please have a look at Angular JS Modules Explained. Open browser and browse at JSExample/ Fill in details to add a new user Click on Add, user should be added asynchronously.In our application, we will be communicating with Server which in our example is Spring REST API based back-end. Click on Delete for a user, user should be deleted asynchronously.We will also perform all sorts of validation on UI using Angular JS Form validations. In our application, Client side is based on Angular JS , & server side is based on Spring REST API. Just for Fun, you can play with the Mock version of Front-end used in this example here.It’s a mini application, which is not interacting with server.

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Controllers are the most useful part of an Angular JS application. After all, we are here to learn together, aren’t we?