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Free online sex numerology

Your value for a solid foundation makes you more thoughtful of your amorous partners.

This attitude often pays off because you have better chances for rich, long-term relationships. Your relationships might not be as long-lasting as other love numbers, but it's pretty certain you have a good time while the partnership is rolling.

Public display of affection is typically not an issue with you. Sharing sentiments and healthy communication is also a priority in your relationships.

Seven: Seven is the number of scholarly, mystical pursuits.

Partnering with a molecular physicist and gabbing all night about quantum theory would be an ideal date. Perhaps a rousting game of trivial pursuit would be more ideal.

You get the idea...numbers have personality due to their rich historical connections.Consequently, your relationships tend to be high-voltage and heady. The quintessential bed of roses, red wine and chocolate dipped strawberries sing of sensual pleasures that you enjoy.You appreciate a very touchy-feely experience with your partner.There's a whole passel of complexities about your personality than just your digits can define. My point is this: Numbers are a neat way to sum up the intricacies of your personality. You have a strong sense of compassion and empathy which makes you a sensitive mate.You remarkable listening skills - a highly coveted asset when it comes to successful love relationships. That means you gravitate towards relationships that are equally yoked.

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Meaning, your weaknesses are counteracted by your partner's strengths (and vice versa).