Foli sex

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Foli sex

The new Lord tried to earn the favour of the populace by erecting magnificent public buildings and churches, and by abolishing taxes.The lives of Caterina and Girolamo changed abruptly with the death of Sixtus IV on 12 August 1484.

The bond between mother and daughter was never interrupted: in fact, Lucrezia followed Caterina's growth and was always close to her in the crucial moments of her life, even in the last few years that she spent in the city of Florence.In her private life Caterina was devoted to various activities, among which were experiments in alchemy and a love of hunting and dancing.She had a large number of children, of whom only the youngest, Captain Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, inherited the forceful, militant character of his mother.After a triumphal entrance into Imola in 1477, Caterina went to Rome with her husband, where he lived for many years in the service of his uncle, the Pope.The following year, in March 1478, Caterina gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Bianca after both Girolamo's mother, Bianca della Rovere, and Caterina's paternal grandmother, Bianca Maria Visconti.

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In 1466 Galeazzo had married Dorotea Gonzaga, but after her death he remarried to Bona of Savoy on , who eventually adopted them all.

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