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(I sat in the back of the classroom with the few other students who didn’t listen to New Kids.) At 14 I needed music for more than just my ears; I was like every other Holden Caulfield, it was obvious to me that everything—parents, society—was basically phony. handed me a cassette with the cover showing a naked baby swimming underwater, chasing after a dollar bill. listened to Metallica and Iron Maiden, which wasn’t my thing, but at least that made him seem more aware of all the bullshit (parents, society) than most of my peers. It was 1992 and in a few months I’d be leaving to move to North America.

A friend was coming over that afternoon of the cassette, but when I heard her knocking on our door I didn’t open it—I needed to be alone with this new music.

Historical records indicate that extensive cultural, commercial and technological interaction occurred between European and Asian populations.

Our findings contribute to an improved understanding of the history of human migration and the evolutionary mechanisms that have shaped the genetic structure of populations in Eurasia.

The interaction between European and Asian populations has been historically influenced by many factors, including the political conditions created by great empires such as the Roman (31 BC–250 AD) and Mongolian empires (1207 AD–1360 AD) that fostered communication between European and Asian populations, and the famous Silk Road (206 BC) which acted historically as a commercial, religious, and cultural network interlinking the trade routes across the Eurasian landmass that connected East Asia with the Mediterranean and Europe.

Everyone was buying and selling things; there was a huge, ugly market sprawling right beneath the Palace of Culture (gifted to us by our former friends from in 1952), stalls loaded with Adidas, Doc Marten and assorted other knock-offs, and boom boxes loudly pumping bouncy dance music. came from nothing had really changed—or it had changed but for the worse. Children spent their days loitering about town and trying to avoid the abuse of their frustrated, newly unemployed parents (employment was always there during the red regime).

Older children, the teenagers, smoked and drank in bars in the afternoon and listened to the music of their disillusionment. The Kurt Cobain question turned out to be O.’s pick-up line, a test to see if we had anything in common. and two of his friends visited me in Warsaw, before I flew back to Canada.

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And we gobbled it all up, even the unsanctioned Mars bars.