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Dwight howard dating dee dee rosemond

I sure hope you are talking about a newer "Verizon Droid" phone -- some of those are nice, but I still would not trade the Apple user experience for the Android experience -- though I hate having to wait until Sep/Oct.

As a side note, I laughed heartily last night when my sister-in-law asked if I had Angry Birds on my i Phone or i Pad because her mom loved that game.

Only true quads wouldn't suffer from these problems (earliest seems to be Harpertown in don't know if there are any non-MCM Xeons scheduled before then)Boy.

Why do we go back and forth like this arguing between fanboys and non. Nobody cares about your or my opinion, and you're not convincing anyone who disagrees with you as people NEVER change their opinions about anything ever. I just went through my older posts, concerning Apple's strategy and future, e.g. I still think, what I said several month ago is still an issue.

His response was to show me an app he had that could automatically throttle his CPU down to save battery when the phone was not in heavy use.:cool: If everyone with genitals were always morally free to do that, homosexually abusive pedophile priests would have been morally free to molest their victims.Why do you conflate homosexuality with abuse and paedophilia? You cannot be talking about the original Verizon Droid. My friend from work whose entire family uses Verizon bought a Motorola Droid and she thought she was getting the equivalent of an i Phone and hated it ever since. The Moto Droid (i.e.: the original one) is slower than molasses.

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The truth of the matter is that the people who don't care about having a smartphone or not just choose the best "free phone" or BOGO option that the carrier offers -- if that option happens to be Android, then sure Android commands a greater market share of the growing smartphone market.

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