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Dogmatica ortodoxa online dating

Menas was an Egyptian by birth and a soldier by profession.

As a true Christian, he was not able to witness the abominable sacrificial offerings to the idols and left the army, the town, the people and everything else, and went to a deserted mountain, for it was easier for him to live among the wild beasts than with pagans.

The following five miracles are taken from the account of miracles gathered by Patriarch Timothy of Alexandria (380-384).1.

There was a man once who having gone to pray at the saint's church was given a place to stay by a certain individual.

As he was doing so, he saw a man emerge from the water, take the platter from his hand, and then disappear.

The servant began to shake with fear and threw himself into the sea, hoping to retrieve the plate.

The saint then reassembled the severed limbs and, having prayed, he raised up the dead man, saying: "Give glory to God." While he, rising as if from sleep and realizing the extent of his sufferings at the hands of the man who had given him lodging, praised God, and thanking the person dressed as a military officer he made obeissance to him.

And when the murderer got up, the saint took the gold from him and gave it to the other saying: "Continue your journey." And turning to the murderer he chastised him as was fitting and lectured him as well, granting him pardon for the crime.

After inscribing the dishes, the smith gave them to Eutropius.

Instead, he ordered his servant to serve his food on the martyr's plate, and he decided to send his own plate to the Church of Saint Menas.

After he had eaten, the servant took the martyr's dish, went to the side of the boat, and began to wash it in the sea.

He searched carefully, and lo, he beheld his servant washing ashore, holding the platter! They asked the servant how he had remained alive in the sea and emerged unharmed, and he replied, "As soon as I cast myself into the sea, a man of commanding appearance, accompanied by two others, rescued me, and brought me here." The man took the platter and his servant and went to the Church of Saint Menas.

He worshipped there, and, in parting, donated the plate he had promised the saint, giving thanks unto God and glory to his favorite, Menas.3.

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