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Instead, one covers the surface, coming infinitely close to any point of the surface.Some representative nested magnetic surfaces are shown in different colours in this computer-aided design (CAD) rendering, together with a magnetic field line that lies on the green surface.Here we show the first physics results, obtained before plasma operation: that the carefully tailored topology of nested magnetic surfaces needed for good confinement is realized, and that the measured deviations are smaller than one part in 100,000.This is a significant step forward in stellarator research, since it shows that the complicated and delicate magnetic topology can be created and verified with the required accuracy.Four out of the five external trim coils are shown in yellow.The fifth coil, which is not shown, would appear at the front of the rendering.In a stellarator, nested toroidal magnetic surfaces are created from external magnetic coils, see Fig. Each magnetic field line meanders around on its magnetic surface; it never leaves it.

Lawson showed in 1957 that magnetic confinement fusion based on deuterium–tritium fusion can work as a net energy source if one achieves a sufficiently high triple product, ke V m is the ion density, and is the energy confinement time, which for a typical operating point in magnetic fusion reactor studies is a few seconds.

The stellarator’s lack of a strong current parallel to the magnetic field greatly reduces macroscopic plasma instabilities, and it eliminates the need for steady-state current drive. And why do some believe that it is about to have a comeback?

This makes it a more stable configuration, capable of steady-state operation. The stellarator was invented by Lyman Spitzer in the 1950s (ref. Plasma confinement in early stellarators was disappointing.

However, the company stopped after 15 volumes, and now Viz handles UK distribution.

Other than the adaption of character names used in the anime version, there is no significant change between the English translations and the Japanese versions.

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You can also view the below content as Manga Listed By Case, which lists out the individual cases and their Shōnen Sunday release dates as well as Anime adaption release dates.

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