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The uncomfortable truth is that contraception lets women down.Yes, sometimes we don’t use it properly – a condom is bound to fail if you don’t get it out of the packet, and you can’t expect the pill to be reliable unless you take it reliably. We published new research this week that showed of more than 60,000 women who availed themselves of Bpas abortion services last year, a quarter were using some kind of hormonal contraceptive, such as the pill, which we normally think of as trustworthy (it has a success rate of more than 90 per cent).

You tackle unsafe abortion by providing safe services.

Many GPs and those in family planning find it strange that women will knowingly use a contraceptive that is more likely to fail - why would she choose a diaphragm, when she could have an implant? But for a woman, it is just one thing to consider among many – concern about side-effects is also a huge issue.

There are 16 types of approved contraception available in the UK but, in our experience, women try hard with the method they have chosen - particularly when they have opted for a more expensive, longer acting method that they then feel obliged to 'put up with'.

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You may know for certain that now is not a good time for a baby, but next year you may feel differently.