Dbn women toilet chatroom

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On the website she was labelled HIV positive and said to be using muti to keep the father of her child.“They even claimed he was not the real father of our five-year-old son,” said the distraught Empangeni woman.

Im considered easy going, romantic, fun, affectionate and real.

This could have detrimental psychological effects on the people close to them.

“People must understand that when they post things about other people on the net, not only do those people suffer, but relationships can be broken and family structures disrupted.” She urged people to think carefully about what they published because “you might be angry with the person today, but tomorrow you may not – and then it’s too late”.

Smashed the wax gasket so flat that it started leaking after years of no problems.

That would suggest the only thing the loo sat on was its wax ring, the outside base of the toilet optimally speaking, is designed to rest on the finish floor and then be dapped out for appearance at least, so the floor had to give downward and squish out the wax ring! __________________ The average American woman is about 25 pounds heavier than she was in 1960...

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The toilet is leaking a water around the bottom of the toilet onto the tile floor.