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Dating swinging circumcised

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Also, many Jewish people who are American and Muslim people who are American are circumcised.

This is normal in the USA, but there shouldn't be any discrimination or prejudice against any group of people, including both "sides" - men who are circumcised and men who aren't. You will find some who think circumcision is barbaric and shouldn't be legal, and you will find some who think it is fine, and you will find some who want to circumcise their male children, especially if it's a part of their belief or family tradition. It's natural, the guy is much more sensitive, and I think the foreskin is fun to play with during sexual activities. In fact, he was probably the most clean and hygienic guy of the bunch.

Sex is much much better with American men because of the thing.

I can understand choosing circumcision as an adult if you have medical complications which makes it neccesary, but circumcising small boys who can't say "no" because they can't even talk yet is just... For Jewish Orthodox people, it is an identity, as well as obedience to God.

I can't imagine that it would be such a chore to pull back the foreskin and wash...

I guess that's something of a contradiction, but there you go.haha, its funny, but I totally know what you mean.

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I have to admit I prefer a circumcised penis; it's nicer to put in my mouth.

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