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The poems were written in four, eight, or 10 lines; the 10-line form—comprising two four-line stanzas and a concluding two-line stanza—was the most popular.The poets were either Buddhist monks or members of the Hwarangdo, a school in which chivalrous youth were trained in civil and military virtues in preparation for state service.The history of the is divided into two periods, the division being marked by the Japanese invasion of 1592–97.During the earlier period the poem was generally about 100 lines long and dealt with such subjects as female beauty, war, and seclusion.

language for several thousand years, it has had a writing system only since the mid-15th century, when Hangul was invented.

In general, then, literature written in Korea falls into three categories: works written in the early transcription systems, those written in Hangul, and those written in Chinese.“Songs of Flying Dragons”), a cycle compiled in praise of the founding of the Chosŏn (Yi) dynasty.

Korean poetry originally was meant to be sung, and its forms and styles reflect its melodic origins.

In addition, tends to be much longer than other forms of Korean poetry and is usually written in balanced couplets.

Either line of a couplet is divided into two groups, the first having three or four syllables and the second having four syllables.

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