Dating for professionals in leeds

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Dating for professionals in leeds

Decline in manufacturing during the 1930s was temporarily reversed by a switch to producing military uniforms and munitions during World War II.However, by the 1970s, the clothing industry was in irreversible decline, facing cheap foreign competition.During the Industrial Revolution, Leeds developed into a major mill town; wool was the dominant industry, but flax, engineering, iron foundries, printing, and other industries were important.

Public transport, rail and road communications networks in the region are focused on Leeds.

In 1866, Leeds and each of the other townships in the borough became civil parishs.

The borough became a county borough in 1889, giving it independence from the newly formed West Riding County Council and it gained city status in 1893.

Leeds has a population of around 781,700 (2016), making it the third-most populous British city after London and Birmingham.

The economy of Leeds is the most diverse economy of all the UK's main employment centres and, has seen the fastest rate of private-sector jobs growth of any UK city and has the highest ratio of private to public sector jobs of all the UK's Core Cities, with 77% of its workforce working in the private sector.

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The borough corporation was reformed under the provisions of Municipal Corporations Act 1835.