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One of the oldest buildings in Annapolis originally built in the middle of the 1700's and purchased by Horatio Middleton, after his death it was then own and operated by his son Samuel.Many famous historical personalities have been said to of stayed at the tavern, some of which being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the founder of our country George Washington.He heard a ball bouncing and when he went upstairs all the lights were on. The family cemetery is located directly behind the house.No one could have gotten into the gym and the lights would have taken at least 10 minutes to warm up. It has been said that although there is no electricity in the house, now, if an intruder enters, lights will turn on. Reports of weird feelings are felt on the first floor, which has been restored. The 3rd floor, which still had smoke damage from a fire.

But, there have been many many occurrences that seem to carry on in story.Reports of lights being on inside with no power at all, also 5 years ago they tried to make it into a senior center but something scared them away after 2 months.several reports of screams and cries being heard from the old bridge.It has been said that at night you can see a women walking up and down the halls of the middle school, a former principle.Sometimes she is walking by herself and sometimes she is pulling a student by his ear along with her.

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