Dating a woman with a broken heart

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Dating a woman with a broken heart

The pain that comes from deep love makes your love ever more fruitful.”But how do we get beyond the pain?Here are 10 tips I’ve gathered from experts and from conversations with friends on how they patched up their heart and tried, ever so gradually, to move on.1. I realize the most difficult task for a person with a broken heart is to stand still and feel the crack. Because no shortcut is without its share of obstructions.The truth is, when you get your heart broken, nothing truly breaks -- nothing physical and (almost always) nothing psychological -- but it feels like we’ve been broken somewhere on the inside. We’ve simply detached ourselves from the world we thought we knew and found ourselves in a separate version of reality. When you’re in love, you lay the foundation on a set of beliefs -- all of which are built on trust. Everything you do and think and plan for relies on the beliefs you've set up for yourself.When we feel our hearts breaking, we're just realizing the realities we thought existed -- and all the things we took as truths -- were nothing more than fantasy.

By going through the intense pain, I eventually surfaced as a stronger person ready to tackle problems head on. The Buddha taught that attachment that leads to suffering.Yes, as you love deeply the ground of your heart will be broken more and more, but you will rejoice in the abundance of the fruit it will bear.I don’t really like the phrase, “a broken heart.” If our hearts were to break, we’d be dead -- something many would welcome as a relief from the soul-crushing pain they’re actually experiencing.We link our thoughts, ideas and understanding via causal relationships.Everything that makes us the person we are today is linked back to the person we once were, and linked to those experiences that caused us to change our course in life.

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When your love is truly giving and receiving, those whom you love will not leave your heart even when they depart from you.